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The acrobatic Puli has been likened to a bouncing spring. Happy and playful well into old age, with boundless energy and insatiable curiosity, he bustles about with light-footed agility, checking out every new sight and sound and expressing his opinion about it.

The Puli is sturdy and durable, a superb athlete with quick reflexes who can turn on a coin.

With his keen eyesight, acute hearing, and suspicion of strangers, he is serious about his responsibility as a watchdog. He will rush up to a stranger to take his measure and gives a warning bark if necessary.  

Some Pulis are playful with other dogs, while others are dominant, even bossy.

Here BonBon is sitting with "Cloud" one of our Golden retrievers

If you are looking for a dog which...

     Is conveniently sized,

     sturdy and durable, athletic and agile

     Sheds less than many other breeds (they are trapped in

     the long coat)

     has boundless energy,

     is insatiably curious,

     supremely confident and self-possessed

     and makes an extremely keen watchdog and

     small guardian     

then a Puli may be the right dog for you.

But remember...

     a Puli needs plenty of exercise,

     is strong willed

     and his coat requires grooming or needs

     to be clipped


Pulis come with various coats and characteristics


The Puli (Plural or generic term Pulik) is a small-medium breed of Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog known for its long, corded coat.

Dogs of this appearance were introduced by the migration of the Magyars more than 1000 years ago. In Asia, the breed dates back 2,000 years and anecdotal evidence suggests that a Puli-like dog existed 6,000 years ago. In the 9th century travelers brought the Puli with them to the Carpathian basin, to help organize the flocks, and herd the stallions of the area.

Archaeological finds from Mesopotamia include a 4000 year old amulette with an image that resembles today's Puli's.

In Hungarian there is the saying, „ez nem kutya, hanem puli“ which means „it is not a dog, it is a Puli“. Here we see the close relationship of many Hungarians with their Puli's.

TRypical for Puli's is the long corded coat. Male Pulis weigh up to about 14 Kilos and have a shoulder height of approximately 45 centimeters. Females slightly smaller

In Germany there are 2 Breeding associations: "Klub für Ungarische Hirtenhunde" and the "Deutscher Puli Klub".

Both are members of the German VDH and international FCI.

Puli's normally have a black or pearl-white coat.

The Puli is a solid colored dog that is usually black. Other less common coat colors are white, gray, or cream (off-white or fakó in Hungarian). A variety of the cream-coated dogs have black masks. Black Puli's may have a rust red or grey tinge in their coats.

Àrkosligeti Fürtós Bibe

Àrkosligeti Fürtós Bibe

Kitti von Thüringen