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Bogarzoi-Boros Fityisz Ludas Matyi Mufurc Tettyekörnyeki Erasmus Edömer Kormos
Fallu Rossza Nador Vitez
Turi-Masza Kincso Szemtmihalyi Szabo Larmas
Tekla Zwierz w Dredach Szep Apati Trefa Vajani Vakkants
Pannon Walley Star Demon
Ludas Matyi Kökeny Szentmihalyi-Szabo Rege
Ludas Matyi Gesztenye

Bonbon Pedigree

Born: 15.02.2017

Sire: Bogarzoi-Boros Fityisz

Dam:Tekla Zwierz w Dredach

Breeder: Justyna Marchwica

Health details:


Patellaluxation: Free

Eyes Frei

Accepted for breeding 03.03.2019

Bonbon is the type of Puli you would expect.

She inspects her surroundings very thoroughly and is reserved when she comes across people or objects that she does not yet know. But when she has set her heart on somebody then she sticks to their side.

She is very cuddly, loves to run and be adventurous out of doors and is very easy to handle.

I could not imagine a better Puli for me!


Roxie Zwierz w Dredach


Gew: 15.09.2017

Bonbon with her mum.