Born To Be Free - Puli

Lurko von Thuringen Joci von Thuringen NCH, HGCH,HJCH
Falu Rossza Nádor Vitéz
Almádi Hársasuti Tündér
Kalácsos Sári
Int. Ch. Ung.Ch.
Kalácsos Gazsi
Rackaörzö Fényes
Corona Emma Csabos von Rüx Dt. Ch. KFUH
PusztCSIllag Apacs
Szentmihályi-Szabó Bodri
Pusztacsillag Fényes
Dt. Ch. VDH u KFUH
Csabos von Thüringen
Hamzabégí-Cimborám Bagó
Almádi Hársasuti Tündér

Polli Pedigree

Sire: Lurko von Thüringen

Dam:Corona Emma Csabos von Rüx

Breeder: Heide Dathe, D

Health details:


Patellaluxation Free

Eyes Free

Accepted for breeding 02.03.2014

Corona Emma Csabos von Rüx

Polli is a Puli and belongs to the Hungarian shepherd dogs. Once you get to know them you will understand the saying the saying: "A puli is not a dog, it is a Puli".

Taking Polli into our family was a spontaneous heart and not head decision by my daughter and myself and it was perfect. Polli, who has progressed to be my husband's favourite, is not just fully integrated in our gang of Golden-Retriever girls but is the boss and can almost do whatever she pleases.

Being the smallest of our dogs she can get away with a lot more than the others...


DJ Polli the Puli von Rüx


Born: 24.04.2012